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ingredient coach


Hello, I am Tiara. I am excited and thankful to have you. I have a M.A. in Clinical Psychology with 8+ plus years in mental health. My most difficult and successful client was myself. Unmasking and confronting my fears, insecurities, past, and pain allowed healing, growth, and freedom to occur. That’s exactly what I want to help you achieve. God customized you for greatness.


He created you for a purpose and plan that only you can fulfill. I desire to partner with you in discovering and owning God’s version of you. Together, we will not only unmask the things that is keeping you bound; we will identify and strengthen your tools and weapons of victory. God promises to work all things out for your good. Nothing you experience in life is wasted. We will work together to turn your broken pieces into a beautiful masterpiece that reflects the true beauty, strength, power, and purpose within you. I am grateful you decided to embark on this and look forward to partnering with you.

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